The Modern Victorian: A $3.3M Masterpiece in the Heart of Austin

Nestled in Austin’s coveted Zilker Park neighborhood, the Modern Victorian emerges as an architectural gem, masterfully blending Victorian elegance with contemporary construction, design, and technology. Crafted by the visionary teams at Revent Builds and Joseph Design Build, this residence defines unparalleled luxury, offering a lifestyle where historical charm seamlessly meets modern innovation.

Prime Location

Strategically positioned in the vibrant heart of Austin, the Modern Victorian offers unmatched access to some of the city’s most esteemed dining and leisure destinations, including Odd Duck, Uchi, and Ramen Tatsu-Ya. Its proximity to the serene trails of Zilker Park and Lady Bird Lake places residents at the nexus of natural beauty and urban convenience, embodying the essence of Austin’s dynamic lifestyle.

Architectural Elegance Interwoven with Modernity

The residence captures the eye with its distinctive exterior, where Victorian-inspired features such as gables, dormers, and a striking cupola with dragon scale-patterned steel shingles harmonize with modern elements like expansive picture windows and a minimalist steel garage door. This juxtaposition celebrates the past while embracing the future.

Inside, the open kitchen stands as a testament to luxury, with Italian Arabescato marble countertops, state-of-the-art Signature Kitchen Suite appliances, and rich walnut wood accents. Throughout the home, brushed oak and marble flooring underscore an atmosphere of refined elegance, further enhanced by seamlessly integrated doors and a versatile steel and glass dining area enclosure.

A modern bathroom with a glass shower door, perfect for home buyers looking in the Austin area.
A black house with a tree in the front yard is available for sale. Contact an Austin Realtor for more information on this real estate.
A white bathroom with a skylight above the tub is available for viewing. Contact the Austin Realtor for more information.

Luxurious Amenities Redefining Living

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, the Modern Victorian is equipped with amenities that cater to every aspect of luxury living. The backyard transforms into a private retreat featuring a pristine pool, a custom grill, and an automated awning for optimal outdoor enjoyment. State-of-the-art security, smart home technology, and comprehensive audio/video integration ensure both convenience and peace of mind, epitomizing modern living.

A Symphony of Design and Function

The home’s interior reflects meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering attention to detail. From the walnut-clad office to the marble-adorned living room fireplace, each space harmonizes sophistication with functionality. The kitchen, heart of the home, marries polished marble with bespoke cabinetry, facilitating a seamless flow to the outdoor living areas for an unmatched entertaining experience.

Bedrooms and Baths: Sanctuaries of Serenity

The master suite offers a personal haven of style and comfort, featuring a marble-surrounded fireplace and a luxurious bath with a steam shower and clawfoot tub. Additional bedrooms and baths uphold this standard of indulgence, adorned with opal white marble and custom fittings, ensuring a serene and stylish environment for all.

Smart & Sustainable Living

The Modern Victorian stands at the forefront of smart and sustainable living, integrating advanced home automation with eco-friendly features such as high-efficiency HVAC systems and comprehensive insulation. This commitment to modernity extends to every facet of the home, offering a living experience that is both intelligent and environmentally responsible.

A Timeless Investment

The Modern Victorian represents an investment in a lifestyle transcending the ordinary, marrying historical allure with contemporary sophistication. Ideal as a primary residence, vacation getaway, or luxury rental, this iconic home redefines the standards of luxury and innovation in Austin’s real estate scene.

Embrace the Modern Victorian — a testament to the enduring beauty of the past, the innovations of the present, and the possibilities of the future.

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A bedroom with wood paneling and a TV is available for purchase in Austin. Would you like to chat about real estate opportunities with an expert Austin Realtor?
A modern backyard with a black awning and patio furniture perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests.
A modern kitchen with black cabinets and marble countertops is the perfect space for homebuyers looking for a sleek and elegant design. Choose this listing to show your agent during your real estate chat.
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A bathroom with wood paneling and elegant marble counter tops is a luxurious feature of this real estate property.

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