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You're a 'Methodical Homeowner'

DISC Personality Type:  SCSteadiness and Conscientiousness

Your ideal Realtor® is a 'Detail-Oriented Supporter'

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Your Ideal Realtor® is...

Amy Seely

Founder, Broker, CODA, Realtor®

Amy Seely, a top Austin real estate broker, excels in the local market with 50-75 personal sales and over 200 team sales annually. Honored by the Austin Business Journal and with the Platinum Top 50 award, her commitment to excellence, clear communication, and personalized client service has built a referral-based business. Trust Amy for unparalleled real estate expertise in Austin.

John Steele

Realtor® at The Seely Group

With a passion for helping people and a keen eye for detail, John excels in guiding families through the pivotal moments of buying or selling a home. Specializing in strategies that make your property stand out, including complimentary staging and pre-inspections, he ensures you get the best value in your real estate journey.

Crystal Kilpatrick

Realtor® at Crystal Kilpatrick Group, Keller Williams Luxury International

From the first time you meet Crystal, you will feel at ease with her professional and personable working style and feel confident in her ability to represent your best interests throughout the real estate transaction. Crystal is committed in both time and effort to take you from the beginning to the end of the process with attention to every detail. Working with her, you can expect dependability and honesty with the highest standard of integrity!

John Paul Juarez

Realtor® at Your Home Sold Guaranteed

John Paul Juarez is from the heart of the barbecue capital of the world Lockhart, TX. Upon graduating from high school he joined the US Army. He continues to serves in the military with 18 plus years. John Paul is the type of agent you want. Charming yet ready to fight for what is right. He takes time to understand his clients needs and help them and their families make the right decision. “I served my country and now I want to serve you”

Cheyenne Shelton

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty John & Cheyenne Team

Cheyenne Shelton, a former teacher turned real estate maestro, has quickly risen to prominence in the real estate world with her unique blend of educational insight and market savvy. Her transition from shaping young minds to guiding families through the complexities of the housing market has been seamless, marked by her exceptional ability to find homes that not only fit her clients’ budgets but also their lifestyles. 

Brian King

Realtor® in Central, Texas

I spent my childhood growing up in Allen, TX and after High School I attended a semester of college and decided that I wanted to go straight into the work force. I have focused my entire career in sales and working with people. I worked in Retail Management before starting a personal training business before transitioning into Real Estate full time. In my free time I enjoy playing hockey, disc golf, and various other sports. 

Dallas Seely

Realtor® & CEO at The Seely Group

My Mission is ‘to ensure others create a Legacy through real estate.’ I strive daily to raise the standard on how real estate is bought and sold by serving each and every client as if the transaction was our own. Building a collaborative, authentic, and relationship-based community is a journey of incredible purpose. I believe work ethic will ALWAYS trump talent. A relentless spirit, properly ambitious heart, and living a ‘life by design’ are paramount to long term success.

Violet Jack

Realtor® in Austin, Texas

Violet Jack is a dedicated Austin-based realtor with a unique background in a US Air Force family, experiencing over 30 moves by the age of 21. This personal history not only fuels her passion for real estate but also equips her with a profound understanding of the challenges and stresses of moving. Violet excels in building genuine, trustworthy relationships with her clients, offering a pragmatic and positive approach to navigating the home buying or selling process.

Kainoa Rivera

Realtor® in Central Texas

Originally from Hawaii, Kainoa moved to Austin eight years ago, fully understanding the challenges of relocating and starting anew. With over seven years of experience in customer service, he seamlessly transitioned into real estate, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the complexities involved in making significant financial decisions. 

Daran Herrman CEO Real Market

“Our 42-point checklist ensures trust and accountability, guaranteeing that our real estate agents consistently provide comprehensive and exceptional service to our home buyers and sellers.”

A man is riding a bike uphill.

Daran Herrman

CEO & Founder @ Real Market

What are the 4 DISC Personality Types?

DISC is an acronym that stands for the four main behavioral styles outlined in the DISC model of personalities: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. The DISC personality profile, based on a theory first proposed in 1928 by physiological psychologist William Moulton Marston, is a personality test that assesses how you work with others based on four personality traits.



Direct, aggressive, strong-willed, forceful

Main Observations
Outgoing and task-oriented

Getting immediate results, taking action, challenging self and others

Motivated By
Power and authority, competition, winning, success


Interactive, sociable, lively, talkative

Main Observations
Outgoing and people-oriented

Expressing enthusiasm, taking action, encouraging collaboration

Motivated By
Social recognition, group activities, friendly relationships


Accomodating, considerate, gentle, soft-hearted

Main Observations
Reserved and people-oriented

Giving support, maintaining stability, enjoying collaboration

Motivated By
Stable environments, sincere appreciation, cooperation, opportunities to help


Private, analytical, reserved, unemotional

Main Observations
Reserved and task-oriented

Ensuring accuracy, maintaining stability, challenging assumptions

Motivated By
Opportunities to use expertise or gain knowledge, attention to quality

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